Yoga Therapy   

 Nyssa Castle

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Mt Hood Natural Health
22400 SE Stark St,
Gresham, OR 97030

  • Pre & Post-Operative Recovery Yoga Therapy: including accompanying my clients in the OR when and if possible.
  • Injury Recovery Yoga Therapy
  • Cancer-Care Yoga Therapy
  • Meditation Therapy
  • Marma Point Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy for Mental and Emotional Health
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy
  • Women's Health Yoga Therapy
  • Prenatal Yoga Therapy
  • Postpartum Recovery Yoga Therapy: pelvic floor, core health, hernias, diastase, prolapses, healing nerves, and reducing scar tissue & stretchmarks.


Yoga Therapy is unlike group classroom yoga, it's designed as individualized care! These one-on-one health appointments are focused according to your specific goals. Yoga Therapy combines small guided gentle movement, marma point therapy, breath-work, meditation, and Ayurveda with a modern scientific understanding of kinesiology, neurology, anatomy, and physiology. Yoga Therapy promotes balance through micro-movements and creates a powerfully healing environment for the body. This retraining of the neuro-muscular connection promotes healing of body, mind, and soul from the inside out! Tissue can change and healing is possible, even in prolonged situations. I fundamentally believe that structure, nerves, and memories stored in tissue can heal. Yoga Therapy is for people who believe their levels of pain, fatigue, injury, tightness, anxiety, and tension, or stress are standing between themselves and the rest of their lives.

Yoga Therapy is a balanced and mindful approach to health, that enables you to develop deep connection, awareness, and a sense of ease. A great deal of strength and agility can arise when we move without pain or fear of pain! Yoga Therapy has the ability to unlock many closed doors! There is so much freedom in pure movement! My clients have found better function and less pain through the Yoga Therapy techniques I offer, and in some cases, eliminating their pain entirely.

For more information or to book an appointment please contact Nyssa Castle by phone or email.


Rates: $95 per hour

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Yoga Therapy Testimonies


18 month postpartum mother with residual severe low-back pain.

Thank you for all your healing touches, my back still feels amazing (2 months post-treatment) and I’m positive no one else could have done that for me.” - J.H.


Retiring soon from an active career, post surgery, severe knee & back pain!

I've been going to Nyssa's yoga class for over six months and when the opportunity opened to see Nyssa for private sessions I jumped at the chance.  From her private yoga therapy sessions, I have become almost 100% pain-free and have more energy and best of all more flexibility.
Nyssa not only treats your pain issues on the physical side but also the emotional side.  She treats the entire person.   I have gotten more out of seeing Nyssa for only 6 visits than I have ever gotten from a therapist.   I highly recommend Nyssa and her yoga therapy.   I plan on taking another set of private sessions and will practice what she has taught me.” - V.M.

25 year old, post automobile accident.

I have been working with Nyssa Castle, yoga therapist, for several sessions since I was in a pretty bad car accident on March 30. With each session I have more confidence in my mobility, and have been able to relax the tensed muscles still bound from the incident. She has reminded me to be patient with my healing body, and guides me on suggested activity intensity. I value her time and feel that she is fully present and involved with our session the entire time. I appreciate how Nyssa welcomes me to the space at the beginning of each session. Nyssa’s warmth and supportive essence fills the room and even on my crankiest, tired days I have left her office feeling more grounded and even more optimistic. I was unaware of yoga therapy before and am fascinated with how small movements do big jobs. I feel a release of toxins in my body, increased range of motion, and improved emotional well-being. Nyssa thoroughly explains the move I am to do next and where I should put my breath. She is brilliant at anatomical terms even though I don’t always follow. I find it effective to imagine the joints and muscles working or softening to engage in the movement. Her voice is relaxing and nurturing, which helps me relax and fully benefit from the work. My favorite part of working with her is after we have worked an area, she uses a compress, where the heat really helps my muscles feel more open and decrease the pain. In two months of regular treatment I have regained 85% of my mobility and am living pain-free. Nyssa’s work has helped not only increase my range of motion, but also improve my self-confidence and release of an emotional past and traumatic event. I also enjoy Nyssa’s office space. The simple, no clutter or extra stimuli, and peaceful music with a window of birds chirping is a very welcoming environment. It has been a wonderful experience working with Nyssa and I am so grateful for her assistance in my healing journey.” ~ S.A.


38 year old athlete recovering from injury.

Nyssa Castle came highly recommended to me by my doctor. I first tried physical therapy and massage to recover, as usual, but was not fully satisfied with the results. I really enjoy yoga, but had only experienced it in group classes and was not sure what to expect or how yoga therapy would be any different. It was not at all what I thought it would be like. I went once a week for about 2 months, and I will undoubtedly return for future treatments, if they are ever needed. By the end of the 9 sessions of yoga therapy, I felt better than I have in my entire life. Nyssa’s training is unique and she has deep intuition, but she brings something even more to her work. Her ability to feel and see what others missed was almost supernatural. I have recovered more quickly and gained my strength back faster than with any previous injury before, something my other care providers agreed would be unlikely given the injury. My experience working with Nyssa Castle was very positive, and I would highly recommend her to anyone! ~S.P.



68 year old woman, who lived with the effects of Polio for most of her life.

Since having contracted Polio in the early 50's I have worked with several touch healers to coax the best from my right leg. Nyssa's protocol has measurably increased circulation, flexibility and strength to both my legs;especially my right. On June 2nd the muscles in the pelvis/hip released, and I stood up straight on both legs for the first time in 50 years. Thank you, Nyssa for teaching us to heal ourselves. You are the healer I have needed for a long time. Thanks for caring so much!” ~ L.F.


64 year old recovering from multiple surgeries and childhood injuries & trauma.

I am learning how to move using the correct muscles. The most helpful aspect of this therapy is learning how to fix problems myself when they try to come back. What a relief!” ~ L. M.