Birth Testimonies:

 JH & JH

JHJHSo the first thing you’ll notice when meeting Nyssa is this unbelievable calming energy she carries with her. It takes just a few seconds for her to put you at ease and one conversation to feel like you’ve known her forever. I had never really thought about having a doula until I met her, having gone through my first child’s delivery with just my husband and I. After spending almost my entire pregnancy with her in her prenatal yoga class, I was so excited when she announced she would be starting doula training. I asked if I could have her in my birth, as I had been previously expressing that desire. My husband LOVED the idea of him doing and seeing less. And this girl did her homework! We met multiple times in my last trimester so she could really get to know my wishes for this birth, and get all the details of my last. The questionnaire packet she brought was thick and even brought up things I didn’t even think about. She brought that packet with her to the hospital ready to really advocate for me, which I remember her doing multiple times when I was just too tired to talk. She helped set the perfect mood in my delivery room that I think set the mood for my entire labor and delivery. Remember that calming energy I talked about? I can’t even imagine what my labor would of been like without her and hopefully I don’t have to delivery another baby without her.”   ~ Justine


BRAR“Being a first time mom I really didn't know what to expect of labor and I was terrified. I knew I would ultimately love to have a unmedicated birth because previously I have had adverse reactions to pain medications. Like many first time mothers, I didn't know how to plan for an unmedicated birth because I I had no clue what labor would be like. I did not think I would want a doula because that was another strange person coming in during a private moment, but meeting Nyssa made me change my mind and made me feel comfortable. When I joined Nyssa's prenatal yoga class I felt like she really listened to everyone's needs and tailored each class to accommodate all of our aches and pains. When Nyssa announced she was making the journey to becoming a doula I felt like it was meant to be. I can not even thank her enough for joining my husband and I at my daughter's birth. Thanks to Nyssa and her magic therapy hot packs, I was able to have the unmedicated birth I dreamed of. Thank you Nyssa for all you did to make me feel like superwoman! I could not have done it without you.”
~ Brianna


SLMRR“I went into labor May 10th and my water broke about 4ish. I quickly went to the hospital, messaged Nyssa, and she was ready to go when it was time. The next morning I was put on potossin for about 30 min, that's when things starting picking up. I am so grateful Nyssa was there. She brought bean bags, music, oils and most importantly her support. She kept reminding me I could do it and to breathe. She did whatever it was that I needed. I couldn't ask for anyone better to be in the room while I birthed my baby girl Natalee Rose. Nyssa also came by a couple weeks later and checked in on us. It was so good to be able to talk to someone about my birthing experience. Especially someone who had witnessed it. She also knitted the cutest little hat and booties for Natalee. Nyssa is truly a very thoughtful caring person. I just love her so much!!”
~ Sarah Lynn

Anonymous mother & father of healthy twins

Anonymous“I highly recommend Nyssa, both as a yoga therapist and as a doula! Let me tell you why. When I first met Nyssa, I could instantly tell she was a safe, healing, comforting soul. I went to her prenatal yoga class. Honestly, both of her jobs compliment each other so well, I can't speak about one without speaking of the other. She is more than a yoga instructor, she is a yoga therapist. She doesn't just blindly lead you through asanas in hopes you'll get something out of it. She uses yoga to heal body and soul. As a doula, she is even more aware of prenatal needs. She carries the same characteristics from her yoga practice into her doula practice. I had a high risk twin pregnancy. I fully expected a c-section which is not what I'd dreamt of. I was OK with it as was Nyssa. She's truly there to be a support and not to dictate rights and wrongs of birthing. Even knowing I'd likely deliver early and by c-section, my birth story didn't go to plan. It happened much quicker and earlier than I'd hoped (28 weeks... babies are both very healthy). I don't regret having her as my doula for a second. She was there to offer physical and emotional support. I needed both in spades with 2 NICU babies and an emergency c-section! She is very knowledgeable and competent. She's hardworking and kind. She's compassionate and lovely. I'm grateful she was willing to support me and share in some tender moments. Practically speaking, she was very reachable by phone and email. She's very attentive to her clients. She attended a prenatal ultrasound and appointment with me to meet and talk with my OB. She offered practical support. There was never a single moment I didn't feel that all the choices were my own. She made it easy to decide what I wanted, made sure my husband was also supported, and was just a pleasure to work with! There's no doubt I'll have her as my doula again should I ever have the opportunity to have more babies.”
~ Jane Doe

-Testimonies and pictures used with permission.