Doula Services:

Building the birth goals and plan of action you desire.

Individualized Care For You and Your Family

Providing comforting labor support and postpartum care to families in Gresham, OR and surrounding areas.

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Birth Philosophy

This is a sacred journey you are on, it's both my pleasure and honor to help you discover your hopes and dreams for your birth, then walk beside you to see them through. This is your birth, your body, and your journey to meet your baby. You have the right to be respected, heard, supported, and confident in your own body. I offer Education for Informed choices. As your Doula, I will support all your decisions before, during, and after the birth of your baby. My greatest desire is that you and your partner feel empowered and supported through this entire experience. Whether you are giving birth at home, in a birthing clinic, or at a hospital and choosing to deliver through natural, medicated or cesarean I will be by your side. I will support you and your partner, without judgment, backing-up you and your wishes one hundred percent. 


Core Birth Doula package services include:

Prenatal Support: Compassionate, non-judgemental support of the decisions you make for your birth. I offer to accompany you to attend one prenatal appointment with your provider/midwife so we can get questions answered and everyone on the birth team can get to know each other. This appointment can be very helpful and allow the L/D to go more smoothly once the time comes!

2 prenatal meetings: These appointments usually last 1-2 hours (option in-home or in-office).

  • ·Appointment #1: Birth plan and going over all your desires for the birth of your baby! Birth plan assistance and childbirth education: Making sure I am on the same page with you, so I can fully support you and your partner through this experience!
  • ·Appointment #2: L/D preparations, packing, plan of action, and L/D positioning options, and Q/A (let's get ready!) Also, offering natural ways to induce labor through yoga therapy techniques.

Continual Support: support available through email and phone through your prenatal time!

Helpful Materials: Recommending library materials that include books, DVDs, hypnobirthing, spinning, sifting, and at-home childbirth education programs.

Availability: On-call service 24 hours a day as your due date approaches.

Support During The Birth (L/D): Informational, emotional, and physical support throughout your labor. I will be with you when you need extra support in labor, throughout your birth, and for approximately 2 hours after your baby(s) arrives. Pain-management/ pain reduction techniques, yoga positions for L/D, breath work, music therapy, aromatherapy, hot and cold therapies, massage ball, meditation therapies, visualization therapies, and full emotional support for you and your partner. I also function as a go-fer (allowing your partner to stay with you at all times, I can go for anything you need). This can be really helpful on a busy hospital schedule where often hospital staff and nurses might be taking care of several mothers in labor at the same time.

Postpartum Support: 2 Postpartum visits...

  • Postpartum Visit #1 of 2: This includes 1 visit in home or at the hospital/clinic before you leave (1 day - 2 weeks postpartum: you choose the date). We will go over birth experience and help process the L/D. This postpartum appointment can be very important for emotional health.

  • Postpartum Visit #2 of 2: Approximately 6-8 weeks after the birth of your baby you will be asked to come back to the hospital or birthing center. I offer to come with you as support as this will be helpful for adequate recovery (this appointment can be especially helpful if you plan to attend postpartum mommy & baby yoga classes or the postpartum private recovery plan listed below).

Back up Doula: Some doulas offer a back-up doula if they are unable to attend the birth for some unforeseen reason. I do not offer a back-up doula. I plan to attend the birth and will not offer a stranger to attend instead of me being present. If for some unforeseen reason I am unable to attend the birth of your baby the price of doula services will be reduced. (Please contact me for more details).

Total Core Birth Doula package Price: Regular $950

Payment plan option are available.

Deposit Required

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to reserve my services for your proposed due date. Without a deposit, I cannot guarantee availability near your due date. Please contact me for more details.

This package is offered as a base-line idea of what you might like me to offer you, but alterations are made available when we build your birth plan together. It's my desire to support you and your partner in this very special time. Let me know your dreams and desires for this journey and I will see what I can do!  

Birth Doula fees are typically considered eligible for reimbursement through your flexible spending account, health savings account, and some health insurance plans

(please speak to your personal health insurance to see if these services are eligible).

Please contact me to talk about payment options. I wish to accommodate different financial situations, please let me know if the financial aspect is keeping you from building the birth experience you desire!

Vaginal Steaming, Postpartum Recovery Yoga Therapy, and Placenta Encapsulations!

These ancient and very healing practices can be included into your doula package for a reduced rate as an “add-on”, please see Yoo Fai and Postpartum Recovery tabs in the menu for more information and please contact Nyssa for rates and details!