tulips"If you live through defeat, you're not defeated. If you are beaten but acquire wisdom, you have won. Lose yourself to improve yourself. Only when we shed all self-definition do we find who we really are." RZA

Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner 


Born and raised in Oregon, my family and I moved from our little house in the town of Sandy, to the Castle family farm when I was 7. From a young age, I found a deep appreciation and love for hard work and a simple life in the country.

I began community college at age 16, and after graduating from MHCC in 2003 with my AA, I decided to spend some time traveling and continuing my education abroad. Within half a decade I had been to various countries on 4 continents. During this time I met and married my husband. After he and I were married, we moved from Germany to Africa to work with Orphans and street children, but struggles with my physical health brought us back to the west.

Yoga Therapy was first introduced to me in my late 20s; during my own journey of healing. I had been sick in bed for most of a year due to health complications, this was near the end of a 3 year battle with extreme illness, and after the devastating loss of our daughter. It was my medical doctor who strongly recommended I try Yoga Therapy to help regain my physical strength and energy, while reducing chronic aches and pains, and recover from the effects of trauma and deep loss. 

After just a few weeks of Yoga Therapy I was blown away with the vitality I felt in my body, and also my mind. After 3 months of Yoga Therapy treatment, I decided to become a Yoga Therapist myself and make this my life work.

I trained with Yogafit-worldwide for 6 years, under the guidance of their various master- trainers, enjoying their wonderful programs for yoga therapy; trauma & healing and healthcare based classes. During this time I was blessed with the opportunity to work alongside some amazing medical doctors who invited me to be involved in program development and research surrounding Yoga Therapy in hospital/medical settings. This included accompanying my clients into the OR to enhance the post-op recovery program success of Yoga Therapy. These opportunities to attend surgery have given me a profound understanding of my clients healing journeys that has changed the way I see movement and recovery from injury! 

I also have additional experience building and operating hospital/medical grade programs including Yoga Therapy for cancer care, prenatal and postpartum Yoga Therapy programs, and also teaching in birth education classes. My training also includes nearly 2 years of experience under the guidance and coaching of Susi Hately, through Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy! I have additional training experience in Kundalini, Iyengar, Restorative, and various other schools of yoga therapy. I continue my education, as I strongly believe we are never done learning! 

 When I am not in the office you will find me in Oregon's beautiful landscapes, breathing deeply, enjoying my own yoga practice, hiking, wild-crafting, mountain climbing, gardening, mushroom hunting, and all things outdoors! I am also passionate about being a Doula, birth education, and physical and emotional postpartum-care. 

 I know what it's like to have an illness, injury, and loss, and I feel so much joy in coming alongside my clients to successfully help them improve their well-being. Assisting my clients towards their goals of less pain and better function is what makes my heart sing!